Saturday, February 21, 2009

De-parametrization of Risk

The first order of essay business is to de-parametrize risk – i.e. I have to break any of your preconceived notions of what risk is to ensure my fast lane is so wide I could ride my argument along a straight path through a mountain pass. So to qualify, I’m not including or excluding things like jumping out of airplanes, surfing shark laden South African waters, motocross rallies, or heli-skiing the Kyber Pass - all perfectly acceptable forms of risk, but they certainly don’t run the gamut. The thing to realise here is that some of you likely don’t think of these kinds of activities as risks at all, but rather as shear stupidity. Butt as I’ll point out later, taking these particular types of risks can give people as much kung-pow as shooting heroine does for some or going back to school does for others. Butt most importantly, I’ll point out that people take these risks, even if they don’t necessarily perceive them as risks, for the same reasons.


For those of you who, like me, have been looking for some truism, or truisms, to guide your lives by, I’d like to propose risk as the singular verity of life. I figured that to do this, to convince you all - proof positive, without a fucking doubt – that taking risks is the only thing in this bunny beat existence that can make you happy, I’d have to present a series of examples over time using an essay-reminiscent blog. I also know that the explicitly implicit examples I choose will need to span the depth of your lives and illicit the gleaning of gleams of reason, thenice Venice kicking you square in the cunt, and with any luck, get you to see risk as the pepper drug you need to get off track and back into the saddle. I’m also going to try to show you that risk is so much more than just a key to happiness. I intend to demonstrate that almost every decision you make, in one way or another, is about the risks you face. If you think about it, risk parallels every aspect of life, and may be the only common thread in life. And eventually, using a crucifix as a crutch to the crux, I’m going to take a risk by proposing that civilization itself is structured around the minimization of certain risks and the institutionalization of others. Along the way I’m going to swear, start sentences with butts, make up words (thenice !?!?!) and generally deliberately run the risk of alienating people and shaming my family.